RingOn Helps You Track & Protect Your Child 24/7

A ring-shaped GPS tracker that actually tracks your child, not their backpack. RingOn lets your children alert you in real-time about any threatening situation.


RingOn's Innovative Technology Serves as a Shield Protecting Your Children When They are Most Vulnerable. 


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Why Parents Choose RingOn?

RingOn is giving peace of mind to parents by protecting children from violence and abuse.


RingOn is a ring-shaped combination of a GPS tracker and a panic button that allows children to alert parents in real-time when they need help.
Parents can see the exact location of their child and hear a live audio stream. Once the alert has been generated, help is on the way.

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How RingOn Works



Design & personalize your child's ring (different colors, sizes, designs).



Choose 5 recipients (online or on app) to get the signal when the child activates the alert. 



Wear RingOn on the ring finger with toggle accessible to the thumb.



When in an unsafe situation, move toggle to trigger the alert. Slight vibration will confirm activation.



Cascading alert to all five designated recipients with child's exact coordinates and audio feed immediately available to recipients who can track response via app.

Customize Your Design -
Make RingOn Uniquely Yours!

Choose Your Perfect Color

RingOn's setup is very easy as it connects to an app on parents’ phones and in-app setting can let the parents choose how to customize the functions and the alerts they will be receiving.
Installation is specifically designed to be simple and not require professional assistance.
Children can choose the design of the ring as the top part is removable. 

Why RingOn is The Most Reliable Solution for The Safety of Your Children

Miniaturized Tracking/Alerting Technology

Activated by a simple thumb motion (not visible to the predator).

Transmits Alert with Location

GPS location information and a live audio stream to designated recipients (or call centers) for real-time assistance.

Always on

Cannot be Powered Off. Except by parents, vibration sensor notifies wearers they are connected to someone and are not alone!

Alerts You Automatically if removed

Alerts even when removed! Alerting in real time for immediate action!

Waterproof and resilient

Requires infrequent charging due to low power consumption

False Alarm Safeguard

With audio stream and vibration, parents can assess the nature of the alert.

Replacing The Smartphones and The Bulky GPS Trackers with a Small Ring to Ensure Children's Safety and Security

We combined the technology of mobile phones, GPS trackers, and smart watches while eliminating their weaknesses. This allowed us to make the best and most reliable product - RingOn.


RingOn Foundation:
Protecting ALL the Children is
OUR Collective Responsibility

Trafficking and violence against the young and vulnerable have stolen the innocence of countless lives and doomed hundreds of thousands to a life of slavery, in the US and around the world.

Would you like to help?
We, at RingOn, are on a mission to protect ALL the children from predators and give them a fair chance to be children. Together we are stronger than all potential threats!


How We Are Making a Difference 

For every Ringon ring we sell, we will donate a ring to children in underserved communities, through partnerships with child protection advocates and anti - trafficking organizations.

Represent your community!
Join Us to Make an Impact in Your Community.

Become a Defender

RingOn is Driven by the Urgent Need to Create a Safe Way to Alert Someone of Potential Danger, Assault, or Trafficking in Progress


What Our Partners Say About Us?


Trafficking and violent, criminal activity have stolen the innocence of countless young and vulnerable people in the United States and around the globe. RingOn answered the call and responded with a wearable Personal Safety device, sized for a child’s finger, that serves both as a panic button and a GPS tracker. This creates a real-time, virtual safety net allowing you and other first responders to be instantly aware and save valuable time. When your child is being assaulted, every second counts.

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