RingOn is Driven by the Urgent Need
to Create a Safe Way to Alert Someone
of Potential Danger, Assault,
or Trafficking in Progress


A Ring for Every Child

The problem - When young children start school, they are thrust into a new environment alone, without their parent’s protective safety net. There they will interact with lots of new people. Sadly, they could be unwittingly placed in dangerous situations via after-school, extracurricular, and other activities, monitored by unfamiliar adults.

Until now, parents had limited ways to protect their children from perpetrators whose sole intent is to cause harm to vulnerable kids. The question remains - how can a child send a signal, easily and without detection, to parents and/or trusted adults? A perpetrator can easily debilitate a child by covering his/her mouth. If children can't scream for help...what can they do?

The answer - RingOn a smart ring, with advanced, patented technology, designed for children, allowing them to activate a real-time alert to their parent’s phones showing the exact location of the child in any situation, even if they are apprehended.

How? A real-time alert is activated on the parent’s phone showing the precise location of their child as well as an audio stream of the surrounding activity. Equipped with GPS tracking and a panic button, parents can quickly determine the child’s location and dispatch help.

RingOn is both a GPS tracker and a panic button. Parents can see where their children are at any given moment, and if the child leaves a certain area, the parents are notified - for example, if a child should be in school from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. and leaves earlier, an alert is generated on the patents' phones. But what if a perpetrator removes the ring? An alert is instantly and automatically generated. RingOn Foundation is on a mission to ensure all children are wearing a ring.

We care about children everywhere and understand that not all parents can afford to buy one. RingOn Foundation has pledged to donate a RingOn, for every RingOn sold, to underserved communities.

We believe it is our social responsibility to fight child abuse and sex trafficking and we are asking for your help. We have partnered with many, diverse human trafficking agencies, NPO’s and child advocates to do our part to end child trafficking.

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