What & Why

What is the number 1 concern for parents? Would you agree it's child's safety? But how can you protect them? 
It's very difficult - trying to be there with the kids 24/7. It's virtually impossible when they start school - they start interacting with many different adults and it's out of your control. You cannot be with the kids at all times but what if you can be there for your kids at any given time?

What do school kids have at their disposal nowadays? What ways do they have to signal to others that they're in need of help? Scream? What if the perpetrator is covering their mouth? Their ability to scream for help disappears, and with it, the hope of escaping. 
Thinking of more extreme situation of kidnapping or child trafficking, where children are often times physically apprehended, we came up with RingOn - a panic button that is also a GPS tracker. 

RingOn is a ring with a toggle switch. Easily reachable with the thumb, so that all that is required is for the child to reach with the thumb to the ring finger and move the toggle to activate a real-time alert. The activation of RingOn triggers an alert on parents' phones and shows the exact location of the child, as well as streams a live audio streams so that the parents can hear what is happening around their child and determine the necessary reaction to help!
Since we want to surround children with 360 degree protection, one of the functions of the RingOn ring is to trigger an automatic alert when the ring is removed... 
Who would be removing rings? Perpetrators! So if the child didn't  trigger the alert, RingOn will do it for him/her.

Fighting for All the Children

Trafficking and violence against the young and vulnerable have stolen the innocence of countless lives and doomed hundreds of thousands to ignominious slavery, in the US and around the world.

There is an urgent need to create a safe way to alert someone of potential danger, assault, or trafficking in progress. Enter RingOn - a wearable Personal Safety device sized for a child’s finger that serves both as a panic button and GPS tracker when it is activated. The internal mechanism  sends a signal in a form of a real-time alert to the designated recipients when it is activated by the child or automatically when it is removed.
The alert on the designated recipients’ smartphone displays the location of the ring and streams audio which is recorded and stored on the cloud.

For every ring we sell, we plan to donate a ring to children in underserved communities, through partnerships with child protection advocates and anti-trafficking organizations.
We believe we'll be able to fight trafficking collectively. It's our responsibility as a society to protect all the children. When they can't scream, RingOn becomes their voice.